“I think most artists create out of despair. The very nature of creation is not a performing glory on the outside. It’s a painful, difficult search within.” –Louise Nevelson
I developed a strong desire to connect a large body my work to Judaic and spiritual facets in order to externalize my personal introspection and self-identity. My current body of work includes painted portraits of Israeli soldier who have been abducted and/or killed by terrorists. My work progressively expanded to include portraits of individuals who have been tormented by the haunting nature of isolation and terror. Careful and meticulous detail is not spent on these individual portraits; rather, my creation of each piece is fairly quick and agitated so as not to be too precious with the paintings and the process. This restless treatment is necessary for me to pursue in order to mimic the distress and anxiety the subjects endured.  My aim is to emit an unsettling charge to the viewer, letting it be known that these subjects will not be forgotten. I am additionally influenced by the need to support the families who suffered the loss of their loved ones and send the message, “Let us not forget.”